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Chapter 2-Paths
That was over a month ago, everything since then had changed. I when I say everything, I mean it. I didn’t’t go to school any more, which I didn’t care about anyway. I hated school, it was the worst place in the world. Besides theatres, I would have said libraries a month ago as well. Yet, books had helped me in so many ways now, like in my training and…others things as well. Things that I, well…we all know what I’m on about-right. My training had been completed weeks before, and now I was bored. Bored out of my mind. There was nothing I could do to stop it. Today I was supposed to be completing my training, and I was scared out of my wits. This had to be murderous, every other one was. I had faced countless deadly missions, all could have led me to my death. However, Curtis had explained it had to be done, or else I wasn’t worthy. And, if I wasn’t worthy, well. A world of light and clouds would be my fate, yet my hot-headed attitude sealed my victory. For once my actions were actually of use. Today however, I didn’t have confidence. None at all, for all the others probably wouldn’t come close to what would happen. I could only imagine the worst, at least in all the others Dervish had helped me out and, given me tips on what I would be doing. Not this time, I was alone.

I had to wait in a unknown place for me, a place sealed by glass. It was a prison really, a padded cell. Yet, it wasn’t a normal cell, oh, no. It was anything but that, it looked friendly. And beautiful, it looked like a sanctuary almost. Though I stirred away from that, I had to prepare for the worst, in the little time I had. And I had wasted most of it on thinking, for they were here now. All three of them stood staring at me from behind the glass. I glared back expecting an answer, something, anything. All I got was a smile, and Dervish pointed to a burger he was holding. That reminded me I hadn’t had breakfast or lunch today, in fact, I hadn’t eaten for two days. I was too busy training and fighting. In response to this, my stomach growled loudly. Dervish tormented me with it, shaking it side to side. Biting into it slowly, he smiled. He knew I was hungry, and I couldn't control my cravings. I changed becoming the nightmarish beast I truely was, only this time it was driving me towards Dervish. It wanted food. Charging at Dervish, they smiled even more, Curtis pushed a button. What could it be? Was this my challenge? I stopped, worring about what it could be. It was a human, my eyes widened in shock. Why a person? And why drive me to hunger? Oh, god. I was supposed to eat him, it had to be that. Yet, my heart sank, why oh why. I never wanted to come to this. My other side was driving me though, it leaped for the terrifed human. Targeting any part of the body it could, it didn't care about weakness. Just carnage, tearing apart the chest, I dived devoring anything inside. My snout was soon covered in crimson, staining my soul as well as my fur. My hunger was satisfied at this, leaving what was left of the screaming person to die painfully. Turning back into my human form, I went right up to the man, trying to hold him in my arms. I killed him, yet, I was going to see him die. "Trey, you can come out now. Your challenge is complete." Curtis called, entering the room with a smile, I glared at him. A deep growling came from deep within. "Stay away!" I yelled, like I was protecting this dammned human.
"He's got no chance Trey. There's no point in wasting your time."
" I don't care. You made me do this. You make me sick!" I cried, seeing the guy's eyes hollow out into black.
"You did great Trey. Better than we expected."
"Shut up! Your sick! You made me kill, just for hunger. What do you want me for? An ultimate assassin? "
"Well, not that far. We only want you for battle and,...child kidnapping and then to kill them. We needed to know if you had the will to kill a person."
"Kill childern? Your crazy! Why kids? They won't have a chance of life. They need it, I know I did. Yet, I never did. And look at me now, I'm nothing really. What do you do to me? Hide me away from others, and teach me to kill for your own sick ways. This is no way of life."
"You need to learn these things Trey."
"No! I don't! I may be a beast but, I shouldn't have to live like this. All I ever wanted was a family who loved me, and what do I get, a bunch of maniacs who get enjoyment out of teaching teens how to  kill people. Only for them to kill kids."
"Trey, there is no other way. What else should a beast of darkness do? It's tradition. You need these customs to fit into your kind. We don't want another Werewolf running loose."  
Chapter 2- Paths
Still a work in progress so yeah piz give your opinons.
Crystal by Slawterthewolf
Fia#nally finshed and I know my shading's bad. By the way this is Trey's ex when she starts working for Tyler, his brother who wants to destory him and take over all night creatures.
Chibi art trade oc Gun chick by Slawterthewolf
Chibi art trade oc Gun chick
I designed some clothes too, if you don't like them sorry and I imagined her to be a gun chick if you don't like sorry. And hope you like it. I love how the lasers came out and I wnated her to look cute so I made her a Chibi.Caramel dansen emote Pinkie Chibi Pie Dancing Cinnamon Rumia free avatar 
I loved my birthday on friday, i went to comic con today as a present and it was amazing I am open to any late presents and love all your work and Happy Christmas!!!!! Happy Happy LOL LOL I am so happy RAINBOWS! UNICORNS! MANGA! I am so happy I am going MAD!
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Right this is my first critique so,first off your idea is astonding it reminds me of Tron and the matrix,Tron because of the blue light...


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