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Trey laporte
Artist | Student | Varied
United Kingdom
i need points badly soooo i'm discounting points for a while 

just bear in mind they may take a while and i 
-Only draw
-some anime

I also do customs
and will only start comms when accepted, and PAID IN FULL
thank you for understanding

simple background with Oc etc. 5 points extra chac is 5 points
 Sage the wolf oc commish by Slawterthewolf

Comisson Custom by Slawterthewolf

custom simple Oc 10-15 points price can vary

Commish Oc Gavroche by Slawterthewolf

simple cat or canie chibi type 5-10 points

custom ponies 10-15 points price can vary
Custom Deer Pegasus Art Trade by Slawterthewolf

ponies each chac 5-10 points
Your not my type by Slawterthewolf
Trey pixel pony icon by SlawterthewolfDarkness the wolf pegasus pixel icon by Slawterthewolfmy new pegsus Oc pixel by SlawterthewolfPixel Pegasus For Digitalflyer by Slawterthewolf

pixel ponies 5-10 points, prices can vary

anthro heads 25-35 points extra shading costs 40 points 
Wolfjedisamuel b day gift improved by Slawterthewolf



making an Oc into a pony
Pony Possession By Scornful Sisters by Slawterthewolf
again price can change on complexity. 
pixel pony icons
Icon comm by Slawterthewolf
these aren't animated but r still cool.
i can do any pony and any gender, i can do pegasi, unicorns, and earth ponies and some alicorns.
price can change on complexty etc. and extra chacter 5 points
if u want the price lowering i can make deals
cutiemarks can cost extra too.
Anthro bust
Comm anthro bust Oc by Slawterthewolf
price will be raised for complexity accessories etc, and i'm still working on doing pairs, also i can only do canine, or felines at the moment sorry for any inconvenience. 
must give a ref and pose detail, and backgrounds can be added but could change e price etc.  Birthday gift for aceit21 extra detailed eyes by SlawterthewolfDarkness x Trey Chibi journal buddies detailed eye by Slawterthewolf
Sonic like chac
Chibi art trade oc Gun chick by Slawterthewolf
Trey mobian wolf ref by Slawterthewolf
can have a background but can add more to the price on complexity etc.


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220 / 4,000
piz can people donate piz i would love it if u could

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The Monster by SkyBreeze-MasterMC

nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice awesome aw...


Right this is my first critique so,first off your idea is astonding it reminds me of Tron and the matrix,Tron because of the blue light...


11 deviations
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(Contains: violence/gore and strong language)
The debate when on for over three hours, I had been woken up at least five times. Humans were persist I’d give em that much, even I was bored, a Jurgen prince like me.  There must have been at least over a hundred, all of them eyed me with hate. A few however, looked away when I coughed, shaking with fear. Feeling the tension in the air, it hovered like a crow, circling the room, occasionally cawing in my ear. Drawing my hoodie I sighed deeply, I hadn’t been this bored since my coronation.
“Let me sleep.”
I yawned wiping a little drool from my mouth, a female choked at me. Smiling I winked at her, shooting my index finger in a gun action, kinda like in the movies. The lead man of the court case, slammed his small wooden mallet against its table, the noise drummed through my head. Cupping my ears I winched, and groaned.
“Mr Laporte, it says here that you have been accused of murdering your parents. What do you have to say for that? Remember everything you say hear shall be recorded and accounted for. And will be used as a reference in any situations referring to this case.”
Stretching my arms I scratched my head, a small hic came from my mouth.
“Bullshit to your case. I never killed my parents, and you know it.”
Everyone gasped the judge slammed his control item again. Getting up I growled, walking round to face the leader directly.
“Fucking stop with the hammer! I have a splitting headache.”
I roared angrily, this court was driving me nuts, I didn’t know how much longer I could stay in my human form without doing something stupid.
“Mr Laporte.”
My councillor shook her head in fear, she had no idea how much of a grump I could be.
“Stop calling me Laporte. That ani’t evens my real name. You expect me to believe this crap?! I was framed.”
I could feel my rage burning up inside, a raging flame roaring to be ignited. Yet I had to keep my cool, until that child was entered into the case.
“Well then, Trey. You have been lying to us this whole case, you’re not a deamon, you’re a human. And by your records....”
Joe coughed a small chuckle of his face; I could so go to make him spew his guts right now.
“Can we please get to the point, of involving the child already?”
I broke into a sweat, why did I feel sympathy for this girl? Was it her loneliness?  Her fear?  Her eyes?  Her likeness to me? Those questions whirled through my brain, causing me to feel more anxious, if she wasn’t in this room in ten seconds this place would go up in smoke.
I begged Joe nodded and called in the girl, she was bound in a straight jacket, a mouth brace across her face.
“Why’s she tied up?!”
I yelled I was the criminal not her, yet she was wearing my chains.
“Until we can prove she is not involved with your act of sin, she will wear what’s meant for you. Obviously talking civilised doesn’t work for you. So we had to arrange something a bit more.....your level as we say”
Joe gleamed he was more evil then meets the eye, it’s true humans are the evilest being.
“Take me instead. I swear let her go, do what you like to me, beat me, experiment on me...”
“Why would we experiment on you?”
Someone yelled Joe perked up, he eyed the person closely.
“Because I’m not like you... I am not one of you kind. I wear your skin like a...”
I coughed trying to force the words out of my mouth, that ancient insult that was so true, yet so false.
“Why would we give you respect? You didn’t even dress correctly for this formal talk.”
The judge groaned staring at my black hoodie; I was so glad that kid in the cell lent me it.
“If I take it off will you let her go?”
They all muttered I prayed they would, I would gladly give myself up for a child’s life, and then at least one life would be spared. After a long pause of dreary silence, he grunted. Un drawing it, letting my long black hair fall over my face and neck, some down my back, I smiled. Maybe, I could get some fun from this after all; I gritted my teeth and fell to the floor.
“He’s passed out.”
My councillor said, I could sense she had run out, and grabbed me. Pushing up and down on my chest, what I felt was paralyzing, it had been four years since I last did this. I couldn’t feel my heart. I waited, all I needed was human contact, pressing her lips over mine, and my eyes flickered open. Screams filled the room, as I got to my feet, she stood there staring not sure whether to run or stay. Letting my wolf tail pass against my legs, a few people fainted; the girl stared at me in admiration.
“Is this enough proof for you sick bastards?!”
I cried I hadn’t fully changed but my wolf ears and tail should have proved my point, the state I was in I couldn’t change. I didn’t want to jump to deep, I had played with fire too many times before, and my last event was the last I wanted to leap into.
I waited for a reply, all I got was the audience pushing and yelling, banging against the exit.
“Let us out!”
“I don’t wanna die”
One ran up to Joe, shaking him.
“You gotta let us out, he’ll kill us.”
Joe signalled to the two humans at the door, I winked at the girl a small smile on my face. Now was my chance, I would return for her, but right now I needed to get out of this mad house. The immense doors opened, the mortals rammed through like a group of sacred little lambs. I gave a wave, and leapt into the air, m last glare was to Joe.
“It’s been fun, but I gotta fly.”
I howled feeling the air whip through me, I looked up seeing the chandler.
“He’s getting away.”
A man called, a few small feeble shots followed, as I grabbed the light.
“He can’t... he’s still only a beginner. We all know he’s not the one. Only...”
Swinging from it, I listened into that one sentence, grabbing small words from the air closing off my hearing now and again.
“A myth.”
Joe finished, that quote gave me the strength.
“Fuck y’all!”
I screamed, letting go flying higher and higher, the stained glass room came into sight. Closer, closer. Before I had chance the glass smashed, the splinters falling like rain, no snow. Crystals of beauty, so much beauty, I should have felt pain, but all I felt was pride. Doing a front flip, someone yelled a surprised gasp, the daylight lit up my soul. The clouds were now one with me, reaching out a hand I tried to grab for one. Those few moments I felt like a God, then I landed feet first on the roof, I could hear it creak at the impact.
“Now that’s how to run...”
I breathed in, inflating my lungs with cold air while I could.
“Away with style.”
Walking across what was remaining of the court’s outside head, I chuckled. I’d never had so much fun, now I had to make an exit. Eyeing the rooftops scattered I grinned. Stationing my feet into a race’s start position, I gasped.
“Here goes.”
I set off, thumping against the stone surface, then in what felt like an instance I leapt off the edge. I was getting so close to the other ledge, I reached out, and stretching my arm as far as it would go, I gritted my teeth. I was so close, yet then I felt myself falling.
“Good. It’s working.”
I twisted round, leaning back, letting myself fall, I heard a whirling noise. It was a chopper, they made sure to go fast with me. Too bad they had another thing coming. I made sure I could see the ground, I kept in my dive, I had to do this just right.
Closing my eyes I focused.
“Just a...”
Inches away from the ground, I opened out my arms, a pair of feathery brown wings spouted out my back. I flapped them in one big push, now I was flying.
“Myth eh?”
Soaring I came up to the chopper, they gulped. I laughed a little.
“Leave me alone.”
I cried.
Joe screamed he was in there too.
“Myth my arse!”
I yelled pushing my hands outwards, a small blue ball formed from the tips.
“It was ice to meet cha.”
Joe looked at the other two police, they shrugged.
In an instant the chopper froze, I flew off before anything else could happen. I would return and obtain that girl, but I would have to think of a better plan then running in.

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