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Chapter 2-Lies-Part 2
That was over a month ago, everything since then had changed. And when I say everything, I mean it. I didn’t go to school any more, which I didn’t care about anyway. I hated school, it was the worst place in the world. Besides theatres, I would have said libraries a month ago as well. Yet, books had helped me in so many ways now, like in my training and…others things as well. Things that I, well…we all know what I’m on about-right? My training had been completed weeks before, and now I was bored. Bored out of my mind. There was nothing I could do to stop it. Today I was supposed to be completing my training, and I was scared out of my wits. This had to be murderous, every other one was. I had faced countless deadly missions, all could have led me to my death. However, Curtis had explained it had to be done, or else I wasn’t worthy. And, if I wasn’t worthy, well. A world of light and clouds would be my fate, yet my hot-headed attitude sealed my victory. For once my actions were actually of use. Today however, I didn’t have confidence. None at all, for all the others probably wouldn’t come close to what would happen. I could only imagine the worst, at least in all the others Dervish had helped me out and, given me tips on what I would be doing. Not this time, I was alone.

I had to wait in a unknown place for me, a place sealed by glass. It was a prison really, a padded cell. Yet, it wasn’t a normal cell, oh, no. It was anything but that, it looked friendly. And beautiful, it looked like a sanctuary almost. Though I stirred away from that, I had to prepare for the worst, in the little time I had. And I had wasted most of it on thinking, for they were here now. All three of them stood staring at me from behind the glass. I glared back expecting an answer, something, anything. All I got was a smile, and Dervish pointed to a burger he was holding. That reminded me I hadn’t had breakfast or lunch today, in fact, I hadn’t eaten for two days. I was too busy training and fighting. In response to this, my stomach growled loudly. Dervish tormented me with it, shaking it side to side. Biting into it slowly, he smiled. He knew I was hungry, and I couldn't control my cravings. I changed becoming the nightmarish beast I truly was, only this time it was driving me towards Dervish. It wanted food. Charging at Dervish, they smiled even more, Curtis pushed a button. What could it be? Was this my challenge? I stopped, worrying about what it could be. It was a human, my eyes widened in shock. Why a person? And why drive me to hunger? Oh, god. I was supposed to eat him, it had to be that. Yet, my heart sank, why oh why? I never wanted to come to this. My other side was driving me though, it leaped for the terrified human. Targeting any part of the body it could, it didn't care about weakness. Just carnage, tearing apart the chest, I dived devouring anything inside. My snout was soon covered in crimson, staining my soul as well as my fur. My hunger was satisfied at this, leaving what was left of the screaming person to die painfully. Turning back into my human form, I went right up to the man, trying to hold him in my arms. I killed him, yet, I was going to see him die. "Trey, you can come out now. Your challenge is complete." Curtis called, entering the room with a smile, I glared at him. A deep growling came from deep within. "Stay away!" I yelled, like I was protecting this dammed human.
"He's got no chance Trey. There's no point in wasting your time."
" I don't care. You made me do this. You make me sick!" I cried, seeing the guy's eyes hollow out into black.
"You did great Trey. Better than we expected."
"Shut up! Your sick! You made me kill, just for hunger. What do you want me for? An ultimate assassin? "
"Well, not that far. We only want you for battle and,...child kidnapping and then to kill them. We needed to know if you had the will to kill a person."
"Kill children? Your crazy! Why kids? They won't have a chance of life. They need it, I know I did. Yet, I never did. And look at me now, I'm nothing really. What do you do to me? Hide me away from others, and teach me to kill for your own sick ways. This is no way of life."
"You need to learn these things Trey."
"No! I don't! I may be a beast but, I shouldn't have to live like this. All I ever wanted was a family who loved me, and what do I get, a bunch of maniacs who get enjoyment out of teaching teens how to  kill people. Only for them to kill kids."
"Trey, there is no other way. What else should a beast of darkness do? It's tradition. You need these customs to fit into your kind. We don't want another Werewolf running loose."        
“See.” I explained, puffing and panting under my sweat. “Normal people wouldn’t say anything about werewolves. Well, at least about them running loose, no one would believe them. They would think they were crazy, then guess what? One way ticket to, a mad house.”
“Trey, we’re not normal, your not normal. You are a born Jurgen leader, like the rest of your family before, all except Tyler. The rest of your family have ruled for centuries. You are the next one to carry out the throne.”
“THRONE!” I burst out, how the hell was I a leader? Sure I knew I was different, I mean it’s not normal in it’s self to be able to turn into a werewolf like creature. Yet, me a ruler. That’s crazy, I would make a stupid leader. Under my air, everyone in a fight would die. Know why? I would just let everyone fight for them selves. I wouldn’t build an army or anything, just let everyone stand for them selves. In my case the term, ’It’s a dog eat dog world’ Would be taken seriously, I mean it.

After that, I walked out. To fill into my ’Royal chambers.’ Load of crap if you ask me. Again I hadn’t talked or, seen them since then. I figured it would be best to stay that way, there was no way I was going to talk to maniacs. Or at least not when they remembered what happened, when ever I did they wouldn’t shut up about leader ship. So I wouldn’t stop ignoring them in return, this whole thing was getting the best of me. Luckily I had managed to find I way to escape this prison, using my wolf strength, I had dug a hole into my bathroom suite’s wall, only to find a secret tunnel. I knew the place was full of tunnels, but, one being in my room. Hmmm. Mind you, I had picked my room, and Curtis had let me choose from dozens. So, I guess it was just luck of the draw. Anyway, for my luck again, it led out back to our private forest, we normally used it for training. Now, I used it like my home, I preferred it this way, being free as a wolf, letting the world around me be my home. I felt so at ease there, yet also lonely, knowing I was alone. That way was the best way, considering what I could do to anyone who set foot on my grounds. That was the one thing I was completely sure about now, I couldn’t be with people, maybe not even my kind. Over the weeks that passed by, I had built a house out of trees, in the heart of my land. It may only of been at least a month before seeing the others again, yet to me it felt like a life time. Sure I missed them, I knew now though that this is how it had to be. Or else with my newly found, strengths and feelings, who knows what I could do to them. I had seen them from time to time pass by, trying to find me. I know what you’re thinking. Why didn’t I go to them? Tell them I had to live this way? I didn’t care about them anymore, I had a whole new life once again. Maybe, Curtis was right, maybe I was a born leader. I mean, I had made my self a life all on my own, in as little as a couple of weeks. And, it felt true. I didn’t want any of this to change. Yet, soon I was discovering, well, forgetting everyone I ever knew. In fact I couldn’t even remember my own face, well, human face. Had I truly been here for a year. It all went so fast, so care free. Now that I knew myself, maybe returning was my next step. All I knew was at least now, Curtis wouldn’t have any chance of annoying me or, changing my mind. For now, I was the one who made my own decisions.

I woke up one morning, with the ground buried in my fur, thinking about Dervish. I had to show him this place, all I did remember about him was his love for animals. My new friends would be glad to meet him, well, they would have done. I had killed them last night, I did it every night. This friend was a young deer, sorry Bambi. I never really did care for children’s joys. Smelling of metal was the greatest thing ever, to me it was like deodorant. Everything in my land feared me, if it didn’t, it soon did or, it didn’t have to worry. Because soon I would kill it, then hang it’s carcass on my wall like prize art. Mind you, come to think of it, I had two gory human corpses too. They were my pride and joy, also my policeman’s head on my door was too. I hung my best over my fireplace, a burly man, with a face full of anger, his body had been gnarled apart. That was the best fun I had ever had then, tearing up his sister was great. My god, how I had changed since my humanity had disappeared. However, feeling the way I did I never wanted to go back, I would be fine this way. That wasn’t until I remembered Crystal was my pride. She always was, yet with this beast, who knew how it would turn out. Then the moment of truth had arisen, on one of my forest walks, just to check for trespassers. There she stood, beauty and all, yet there was something different about her. A new scent, look and personality. My god she was an angel, now she was seventeen and I was much more. Forcing my body to change into a human, I only just managed. She heard my grunts then ran to see me. “Trey. What happened to you?” She asked full of worry, from seeing me stark naked and covered in blood from my last hunt. She didn’t know that, all she knew was that I looked in trouble and she still loved me, like she always had.

We rested in my house, I never said that it was mine, for the reasons of shocking her. Just walking in, and seeing the head was enough for her, the contents of her lunch on my doorstep explained it. Anyone who came would see it, and would clearly understand, I’m surprised that was all she did, man, she had strong guts-for a girl. Sitting in my throne she shivered under the horrors around her. Glaring, with wide twisted smiles. “It would be horrible to live here.” Crystal cried, I tried comforting her by stroking her arm, doing this caused the beast to bash against my inner shield. So I knew I had to go careful on what I did, my urges and control had been too strongly driven by him for to long, I wasn’t as strong as I used to be against fighting them. “Who ever built this place…must have been a maniac.” She finished, breathing heavily on to my hand, my heart sunk again. She was right, this was no way to live, even for me, well at least not when I still felt comparison for humans. At least not when I still was part human. I sat staring at the floor blankly, with this Crystal .returned her gaze and worry to me. “Trey, you ok?” She asked, stroking my arm gently. My body began to shiver, so I knew I had to ignore her, or else she was as good as dead. I would never forgive myself for that. “Trey!” She continued, shaking my arm now, as if I was dead. I might as well have  been, the way I was acting, anyone could have made that assumption. I knew Crystal was coming to that conclusion, yet if I moved whilst she was shaking me… She would have to pay with her life, literally. If I changed with her around, I would tear her to shreds. No mercy would be shown to the frail creature that worried for me, instead, just enjoyment out of seeing her guts smeared on the walls. And believe you me, that would just be the beginning. “Trey.” She cried, she might as well have torn my arm off by now, the way she was going for it. There was only one thing I could try, grabbing her hand placing it on my face, I twisted my look to her eyes. If I truly did still care for her, it would leave me alone, that or, I wasn’t ready to return back to my past life. Tears flowed from her diamond stars, staining her pale cheeks with countless emotions. “Trey.” She sighed. “Your ok. But…” She stopped, tilting her head. Trying to look into my eyes. “You look scared. What’s wrong?” Was I changing, I felt something. It had to be, I needed to make sure, because if I panicked the rush surely would.

“Crystal.” I soothed, trying to stay calm myself. “What colour are my eyes?” She stared at me blankly. “Why ever ask that?” She wondered, looking at me as if I was crazy.
“Can you please tell me.” I pleaded, kneeling on the floor now, as if praying even though I didn’t believe in religion. “Yellow. Why? Are you wearing contacts?” She laughed, expecting it was a joke. Yellow, damn. I was changing, I had to do something. Even if I could control my form, Crystal would freak. “Crystal, could you do one favour?” I panted, sweat began to drench me. “Trey your sweating, and you, you look more scared than ever. Are you sick?” Sick! That’s it. “Yes. I’m sick. So I was wondering could you please get me some pills. I forgot to take some today.” She smiled, and rubbed the top of my head.
“Of course I will, my poor baby.” She walked out of my chair, towards the kitchen. I watched, still kneeling, waiting for her to walk round the corner. As soon as she did, I suddenly rushed to find a cover, a coat. Anything to hide in, searching over the room. I began to change rapidly, Crystal hadn’t even been gone for five minutes, and already I had almost finished my transformation. Then I remembered, the deer skin, sure Crystal wouldn’t probably like it. Yet, it was my only chance of covering my form. Lucky for me, seen as I hadn’t smelt blood, I had some control. Grabbing the deer skin, that lied on the floor, I draped my immense body underneath it. Lying on my couch, I waited for Crystal to return. “God. I’m sweating. Good skin this.” I whispered, complaining about trying to hold in my true emotions. Waiting for almost an hour, I began to think Crystal had left. So for this, I flung the deer skin off, and wandering to my room, where I bumped into Crystal in the corridor. Her face full of fear.

“Why the hell didn’t you tell us you left to live in the forest?!” Dervish snarled. We had returned to the house, and huddled in the kitchen to discuss my matters. Though to me it was more a shouting at me, I had no say in the conversation, what so ever. Turned out Crystal was a messenger for the others, she had been made to lead me out of hiding. It had been over three hours to when she had seen me as a wolf in my house, Curtis had been waiting outside my house round the back, and Chris had added to the pile of  lunch on my doorstep. There was something about Chris, he never wanted a part in this and he didn’t feel happy about it either, just like me. For a vampire, it was as if he was an outcast. Was that why I was the way I was, was I an outcast, a rebel, unwanted too? If I was it wouldn’t surprise me, I could imagine me being a rogue on the run, always hiding, all because I never wanted to follow rules. That’s me alright. Except coming to this conclusion, it still felt something was missing. If I was a criminal, why did they take me in? Mind you, they did set tasks that could kill someone or, should I say human. If I wasn’t what I am then, I would be dead. Stone, cold, dead. Not to be one for misery, but it’s true. Without my strengths and abilities, then they might as well been labeled murders. Yet if they did set these tasks, when I didn’t know that I was, a Jurgen, they did. I mean if they didn’t know, why would they talk about leadership? Force me into deadly training, and, say I was more than they expected? They had to be the ones to know me, or else I wouldn’t be here now. Nor would Crystal, or Dervish, sure Curtis and Chris probably would, that didn’t mean we had too. They were planning something, and they weren’t doing a very good job at keeping it locked up. “Trey!” Curtis yelled, crimson flushing his pale cheeks.
“Answer our question.”
“What question?” I asked, still dazed after my long trait of thought was cut off.
“You should know. Don’t tell me you weren’t listening.” I was just about to say err, when he continued. “Just because Crystal’s here, doesn’t mean to say you shouldn’t pay attention. Nor does it mean you can sit there and gaze at her, she may be your girlfriend but that’s not why she’s here.” He fumed, drifting off now forgetting about the question. If anything I was glad he did, I couldn’t be bothered with his stupid lectures about me. All it was, was about me, all the damn time, Trey you did that, why did you do that? Have you done well at school? La, de, da, la, de, bloody da. Now it was the same, only I admit this was serious. Just when I was about to say something over Curtis’s ranting, Chris walked over to me and whispered in my ear. “You may go now Trey. You don’t have to go to your room, just stay out of mine, Curtis’s and Crystal’s.” He smiled, as if hinting something, then finished his sentence. “ And if you want something to answer your concerns, the library is now yours. I would look in the book named…” He lowered his voice even more now, just to make sure Curtis couldn’t hear, even I had to concentrate, lucky for me my hearing was better than anyone else’s in the room, even Dervish’s even though we ran in the same blood line. “Summer girls, issue 204.”  I nodded my appreciation and left the kitchen, heading straight to the book kingdom to find some answers.

It had been at least three hours and after looking at bikini model, after bikini model, for once I was bored. Yes, I was actually well and truly sick, at looking at sexy girls. Knowing Chris had said about looking for that issue, I knew he had to of put some secret into it, I was the only one who would even consider looking at these girls. Dervish saw no point in it at all-at the moment, Curtis had different things to his taste, werewolf gals eating a vampire’s arm-believe me I know, I looked, don’t judge me, I was curious to know, I know he was hiding something, yet I would never of expected looking at gorgeous dogs, chewing his own kind would have anything to do with it. Did I just say gorgeous? I meant to say ravenous. What?! Ok, they looked good. Alright, they were divine creatures, but you can’t blame me for liking them, I am one of their kind after all, it‘s only natural, Curtis however, he should be drooling over vampirets sucking guys necks. Chris’s interest was the other way round, sexy hunks winked and loomed in his private computer files, so did male Jurgen hotline numbers, and sites. So what I didn’t care much, if that was his way, then so be it. Yet what really creeps me out is his dream wolf…me. Yes, he had a crush on me, and no, we are the same age in our beast ages, yet, what about my feelings? Oh, so I’m the bad guy? All because, I hacked into his computer, and browsed his recent activities. So what?! You would too, it’s normal to be curious about these things, besides, who knows one of them could be hiding something juicy. That left me, well I liked most girls, all except dumbos, or human barbies, or zombies, or uglys, full bulk gals, blah, de blah, blah. Ok, so that limited me to, sexy humans, vampire queens, and fit dogs and other animals. I’m not picky, I just have erm, high standards. Any way moving on to my research. I was just about to decide to quit this pointless search, when there it glared, the numbers 2, 0, 4. Finally, now all I had to do was find the clue, flicking through it’s pages, I noticed no difference, same lone gals corner, same gossip chart, same boring, relax page. “Damn Chris, always trying to fool me.” I yelled, throwing the magazine onto the pile of other rejected glossy issues. When that one tear caught my eye, something had been ripped off the back page, picking the mag back up, I smelt the missing corner-just to make sure Chris did it, it could have just worn off, or something. Nope, Chris did it, yet, there was no writing, no hint or anything, except a ring around the site name of the summer male issue series. “Oh, great one Chris. Try and interest me into your guys. It, won’t work. I’m not queer ok.” I sighed, arguing with myself, for falling for his trick. Yet, then I thought, if Chris was hinting for me to turn gay, he would of tried some other way-like he had before. Yet, this time he had dwelled through my ’Dreams’ then left some clue that only I would find.

Booting up my privately connected ’Research’ Laptop, I loaded the webpage up, only to find they had moved site, due to private concerns. Clicking on the provided link to their new site, I gazed. They were furry, beastly things. Sure they were still hunks only, they were no longer that of the human kind, in fact they were the Jurgen kind. Shocked, out of my wits, not only at the dramatic change of fancy heart writing, to dripping red font, then, bright pastel blue and pink background to gothic purple and black and newest models, to most beastly monsters. But, also the fact their last names, and the date of the site’s upload. Date of the site’s appearance was no longer available, and all of their last name’s were the same. Laporte. That, was my last name, was this my blood line, my family. They had the same last name, and were the same kind. Yet, none of their first names, looked familiar to me. Yet then, one stood out among the rest, Lobo Laporte. My father, he was here too, yet he wasn’t a model. And, he looked so young, and afraid, as if he was being forced to smile, as if something was hidden behind the lens at the time. Instantly, I searched for the company name, none was to be found, all there was were initials, U.R.I.T. At first it sounded like a joke, Ur, It is something you would text talk. Yet, why would someone name, a company Ur, It. Surely I could find some translation to this name, it had to mean something, no one would call a model magazine publisher Ur, It, or even, Your, It, it wouldn’t make sense. Searching, the initials into Google, nothing came up, all there was were suggestions to spelling, and text sites. What was this meaning? Chris was definitely trying to say something only, he also made sure I had to find out myself. “Smart move Chris, giving a site that won’t give you it’s publisher name or postcode. Well played.” I growled, hating Chris even more. For the fact his only clue, didn’t give me the source, which he clearly knew I needed. I downloaded every image on the site I could to my hard drive, hoping it would give the full name with the picture, some did, but, not this one. All it gave with some was W.I.P-Work, In, Progress, then some numbers, Complete, and more numbers or, Abort and numbers. All had numbers in common and, all had experiment labeled at the end of the numbers. Yet, no names, or sources. Why call them experiments? That certainly wasn‘t normal, not that it already wasn‘t. Maybe I wasn’t searching deep enough into it, they did have one name of a ’Assistant’ whom which I had never heard of, in all my girl issue collections and searches. Not even in my browsing on sites, or on…other things. Yet, this name did sound familiar in some other way, as if it was hidden away in the back of my mind. In the dustiest, forgotten side of my head. Dr. Akira. Ghaghara, was his name, yet again no photo or source.

Looking at the clock on the library wall, just above the fireplace at the end of the aisle. 11:30, I still had time. This was no where near late for me, or the others, however Dervish would be asleep by now, that, or studying deeply into his projects, Chris would be searching through my clothes drawers, Curtis would be out hunting, he always insisted that I should go with him. He said it would give me experience on stealth, yet, many a time I had gone out lurking earlier than my time, sometimes even his, and scared him out out of his wits. Blushing he would lie that he knew I was there, then retreat back into the house, or wait for a moment to shock me. It never worked. From my time alone in the woods, I had more time to hone my senses, in some cases I had to, so I could hide from them when they came looking or, because the first time I went hunting I nearly got gnarled by a lynx. Then I got my own back on the mangy cat, I didn’t kill him. He was one of the only friends I had, whom I could trust, and whom never dared take me on. God, how I missed Ritsuka, and Rain-the honey badger an old member of the Taggernaut clan, then there was the tempest Kaya- she was a snow leopard Felgen, I kinda had a major crush on her. Last but not least, Ryou-the fox, that was our crew all of us were shape changers, able to change from human to animal , I was the leader, and we were unruly, and feral, also a mess, yet we didn’t care, those woods were our kingdom, and we had it all. I still visit them form time to time. Yet, it’s never the same. Shaking off my memories  I  tried testing my luck one more time, by searching the Dr’s name instead, again nothing. Yawning I shut the laptop’s case, and stretched my half way transformed arms. “It just get’s easier and easier.” I answered to myself, my transformations became quicker and quicker each time. I stood, lifting my husky tail, so my feet had room to grow, after they had I let my tail drop to the floor, it landed with a heavy thud. My muscles had already bulged into shape, so now it was the muzzle’s turn. Grunting, and sweating I strained to allow it to poke out of my head, eventually, my hair had grown over the top of my wolf ears, and snout to produce my finished look. “That’s that done, now I have to wait for the pain.” I reminded myself, I felt nothing during, it was after that the real pain kicked. It was if I had died a thousand times over, by being stabbed with a blunt, rusty knife, died, then returned to life. I know it sounds awful, yet it does kill, only it is bearable after a while, yet if you let your guard down it hurts even more. Nothing happened, so I moved my leg to walk off. “Damn!” I grimaced, feeling it jolt me, it had to let me know it was still there. “This is gonna be, a lllonnnggg night.” I moaned, wandering deep into the night.

I awoke only to find the oddest of shocks, not only was I not in my own room, in my human form, stark naked, and in bed. I was in bed with male company, who else was also naked. “Chris! What the hell?! Why did you knock me out and take me, into Crystal’s room, then…” I couldn’t stop breathing heavily, under the shock. “Shhh.” Chris tried to sooth me, resting his pale index finger on my dry, worried lips. “Don’t worry, I don’t like it when you worry…though. You look adorable when your in a fluster.” He smiled, a glint in his happy eyes. He knew this was one of the- if not the only chance he would get of sleeping with me. Trying to calm down, so he wouldn’t get more satisfaction, I continued to talk to him, I had to find out what happened. “How did I get in here?” I panted, forcing a blush, hoping it would persuade Chris to explain everything. ’Your saying you don’t remember?” Chris asked sarcastically, on purpose, he knew he did it, and he was going to avoid telling the truth. “If I did it, I would know. What do you take me for, an idiot? Hmmm.” I replied, I wasn’t going to play along with his childish, queer, games, I had better things to do. “You came in form one of your late night hunts, or walks, or whatever you like to call them. But, when you came in, you weren’t yourself…”
“What do you mean not myself?!” I yelled, instantly jolting myself upright in bed, so I could shake Chris into admission. Pushing me off he continued, after the dizziness stopped. “I…You came in with a human, and we weren’t sure if you were going to…”
“Kill it.” I finished, grieved from knowing this.

“It must have been Slawter, yet, oddly enough. You decided not to, instead you just left him in a mess on the floor. After cleaning him up, I went to see if you had went to your room, instead I found you holding Crystal up against a wall, acting as if you were drunk. Then…” Chris took a breath, lifting his right arm from under the covers, resting it on the bed. “I went to stop you, before Crystal got hurt, I knew if you found out, or if we didn’t do anything to stop it, you would be in a state yourself. Like with Dervish, only that was more our fault than yours.”
“Thank you.” I smiled, sighing gladly, being able to know Crystal was safe.
“That’s not the end of it though…” Chris trailed on.
“Well that’s obvious. How did you figure that one out Sherlock?” I sarcastically answered pointing at me in bed with him, naked, and in return he was too. So even a idiot could figure out there was more to the tale, and that it probably wasn’t going to be no walk in the park either.
“You ran into the closest room possible, which happened to be Crystal’s room. We had a epic fight between each other.” Chris stopped, referring to look at his arm, a red mark where a deep scar had been covered half of it. “I did that.” I broke out into a sweat.
“That’s the very least of our little incident. Lucky for us, I’m a vampire, which helped give me a advantage on this one. Most of my scars healed over night, yet even that is a long time. They normally take seconds, max, about a few minutes. You sure have got stronger since our training.”
“Ha! You can only imagine what I went through, in those few months.” I laughed, actually noticing all my hard work had paid off big time, after my training with them I couldn’t make a scratch on Curtis or Chris, not even Dervish. Now, Chris had to take hours to revive.
“This is no laughing matter Trey. Your getting too strong, too fast. For if you can’t get yourself under control then…” He trailed off into deep thought.
“Well, we can discuss this over breakfast. I’m starved, and this is still too much of a shock for me. I need something normal to help my mind stop swirling.” I answered, pulling away the bed cover to see something even worse. “Chris, what happened to my, my. My, bottom half of my body?” I gulped, staring at my legs like a werewolf and, my bushy tail.
“You changed half way through our little sleep…”
“Our sleep!” I growled, outraged that he HAD slept with me.
“Calm down.” He pushed his hands in a sweeping motion. “Don’t you want hear the rest of your antics or not?”
“Yeah…” I sighed, releasing my inner anger with a deep breath.
“Well, I guess…something must have happened to you on your hunt. Like…”
“Like what?” I asked, determined to know the truth of my behaviour last night.
“Like…a poison dart. Or, you could have been drugged.”
“Right! That’s It!” I burst out, I couldn’t take it anymore, I had to find who was downstairs, and if he had done this to me. “Trey! This is no way to go about this, we all know how you can get. When your angry. Besides your half naked.”
“Only top. And then the guy can cower at my strength, by only looking at my muscles.” I answered, already storming out of the room. I rushed down the stairs, I might as well of leapt down them, the speed I flew down them was incredible, almost impossible. In mere seconds I had already invaded the kitchen, there the criminal stood, his back to me. He was just about to turn around after hearing my growling. I pounced. Soaring through the air, like a demon erupting from hell. I changed in midair flight, instantly. Meaning, when I landed he had a full army against him now. Then I smelt Curtis to one side of me, he had heard me. The terrified human cowered under his black hoodie’s hood. Hoping he would be blinded to the in human sight his eyes. would encounter. I was just inches away from his measly body when. BAM! Curtis had smashed into my side, sending me flying. Straight in the wall leading to the indoor swimming pool. Great, now I was going to have a bath too. That’s all I needed.

Splashing into lukewarm water I thought I could regain my anger, to empower me. Curtis had already flitted into the room. He was just about to leap when I realised, this was perfect. Curtis had never been a good swimmer, while he recovered from his knock-out, Mr Human was toast. Or, at least breakfast anyway. Waiting for my moment, I depended on my smell, I could know my opponent’s move best then. A flood of green and white invaded my nostrils, like a sweet flavour hitting your taste buds. I had to forget about smells, tastes even, smelling colours, my mind had to be fully controlled on finding a way out of this mess. Curtis’s scent instantly invaded me heavily I choked at the dread full odour, vampires truly reeked. Anyway, he was homing in on me, wait. Before I could act, even think. He collided with me, plucking my body like a child strangling a toy, a mind read of happiness in his mind. Gloating, he grew a pair of leathery bat wings, gliding through the water like bubbles in a blue sky. After about five minutes we invaded the air above, hearing a boy’s gasp. I knew it, the rat was watching our fight. As soon as Curtis landed, I broke free, just about to pounce. The kid turned to face me, I stopped. Andrew. I had attacked…Andrew, my best friend. Yet, he drugged me. “Why did you drug me?!” I screamed, wanting to find a reason, before injuring him even more without needing to. Giving me a blank expression, I glared. “Same as always.” He laughed. “And you said he changed.”
“Your, not scared.” I gasped.
“No. Not at all, it’s cool. And I know what it feels like.” Andrew stopped, a tear fell form his eye. “Bro.” He finished.
Chapter 2- Paths Complete
finally it's done. god it drags it out of ya
Damn snow, all most days consisted of these days. Ever since Snowstorm left for many reasons, none so ever reached my ears. Snow had fell nearly everyday even during summer, it was if her leaving was causing the falling with the snow. Also, when ever someone mentioned to go look for her, the cold would strengthen as if it didn’t’t want us to concern our feelings or memories of her anymore. All I remember was she left with an amulet around her neck, she was screaming and crying, her magic aura glowing a green colour, and her voice collided with another. She warned me, to stay away, and that the storm would come. I plead to know where she is and how she is, I had told everypony I could about her actions, no pony believed me. Then all that was left in my sight was her eyes, a green colour too. That however was at least over five years ago, now I had grown up into a stallion beyond compare, discovering I was the element of joy. So I now know I had no time to waste searching for her, I figured she had probably passed off, seen as I had asked any new pony who would come into ponyville about her, some would run away, others would stare at me blankly, and one pony explained that we were in great danger of an evil snow magic. Most of those comments I decided to ignore, Snowstorm would never use her magic in any way evil at all. However each day passed, and every single one of them, caused me greater guilt, I had to do something and Snowstorm had to be found. Soon everypony would know her name ounce more, and they would know my bold antics to finding her. My name is Sunset Aura and this is my journey to saving my friend, and ponyville.
Sunset Aura's journeys idea.
a little try about this story idea
I loved my birthday on friday, i went to comic con today as a present and it was amazing I am open to any late presents and love all your work and Happy Christmas!!!!! Happy Happy LOL LOL I am so happy RAINBOWS! UNICORNS! MANGA! I am so happy I am going MAD!
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Right this is my first critique so,first off your idea is astonding it reminds me of Tron and the matrix,Tron because of the blue light...


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